Lush hair

Investing in high quality hair

Hair length

Dear customer, to help you to make the right decision on which product to buy, you can use the images below.

These images will help you to decide which length of hair suits best with both your own hair and your specific desires. In the image on the right you can see the length in inches. Based on this picture you can first decide which number of inches you need. In the table on the left you can easily see the corresponding length in centimeters.


There are a lot of extensions (both in origin and in quality) available on the market. To make the best choice and to get the most value for your money, you need to look to the origin, quality and the sort of extension system used.f you want straight hair or a very light curl. And Indian hair wavy or curly.

Origin of hair

In the world of hair extensions you have a wide variety of the origin of the hair. You should think about: Brazilian, Indian, Chinese, Peruvian and European hair (to name just a few). But at this moment both Chinese and Indian hair and sold the most.

Indian hair mainly comes from hair sacrificed in Hindu temples, while Chinese hair mainly comes from the Chinese countryside (where it is purchased by big factories from the locals). 

Hair structure

Indian hair has a stiffer, thicker and dryer texture. It has a beautiful stroke, which varies from very mild to a hefty blow. Chinese hair is softer and has a finer structure.

For example, if you compare 100 grams of Indian hair Chinese hair, than you will notice that the Indian hair we have more volume in it.(due to the thicker texture). Even after you wash the hair, Indian hair will have more waves than when it is dry, so you will have more work on maintaining it. Chinese hair is usually thick and has a silky straight and steeper structure.
Following the hair structure you can tell the supplier what your needs are. What you are exactly looking for and so together choose the most appropriate extensions or wefts (which will exactly match your own hair). Generally take the Chinese hair if you want straight hair or a very light curl. And Indian hair wavy or curly.

Quality of hair

Virgin hair

Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed (or damaged) in any way. To be able to qualify hair as virgin hair it has to meet certain specific requirements:

  • The hair has not been permed
  • The hair has not been dyed or colored in any way
  • The hair has not been bleached
  • The hair has not been chemically treated

Even if all the hair comes from 1 person, it is still required that all the hair is undamaged and fall smooth in the same direction, just like your own hair. This pure form gives the hair a beautiful, healthy and lively appearance. And you will clearly be able to see and feel this.

Remy hair

Remy hair is hair that is collected from one hair donor. The epidermis does not bleed (in Dutch: "afstropen") and continues to allign in one direction. Remy hair also does not stick together and does not get tangled, becaues all the epidermis is falling to one side and is undamaged.

Virgin (pure) hair always has the best quality, even after you should have dyed it. Only this specific hair can be called remy hair instead of pure hair. As our customers we always advise you to buy virgin hair and have it dyed by a qualified hair salon and not be a factory. In a factory it will always be mass production and the risk of hair getting damaged is considerable higher and a hair salon will always treat your hair seperately and with great care.

100% human hair (normal human hair, not remy)

Most of the hair that is being sold in the hair extension industry will always undergo several treatments:

  • The hair will undergo an acid bath washing
  • Next they will put a silicone layer over the epidermus, to give the hair an artificial glow and make it softer.

Know that after washing the hair yourself a few times this silicone layer will quickly vanish. Due to this it will also quickly loose its glow, softness and will start to tangle easily. When you purchase virgin or remy hair you will not have this problem.

Because it is 100% real human hair, you can do everything with the hair, what you normally would be able to with your own hair. The benefit with this hair is therefore that without any problems you can dye it, straigthen it, curl and wash it.

One thing that you have to be aware of is that you can only dye the hair from a lighter to a darker color and not the other way around.